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October 14, 2001

NY Times - Real Estate Section / HABITATS

"Harlem: Taking a Brick Shell And Making It a House"

By Trish HallThis article helped launch Uptown Townhouse as a business. After this article and 9/11, many people considered moving uptown, and although the article doesn't mention my address, many people figured out where I lived, and knocked on my door. And that was fine, I am sure you remember how close we all were then after that time. Trish Hall was pivotal with this article in helping the rebirth of Harlem and removing the pall over Harlem as a neighborhood of Manhattan worth neglecting..
Feb 2005


New York Living Magazine - cover article
"Welcome to Harlem"


by Steve CutlerMy stoop on 118th Street is the feature photo for this article, with Bill and all of his neighbors in the photo. The project gets a few paragraphs under the subtitle "Brownstone Pioneers"
June 2005


US Weekly -Lifestyle:atHome Section
"Townhouse Makeover"


by Sarah TomczakCameron and Vanessa Mathison's house is featured in this months magazine, with mention to Uptown Townhouse, Bill and the website.
June 2005
by: SoulSourceMediaArticle announcing Yasmin Cornelius's run for Councilperson - I was asked to announce her candidacy on the corner of 125th and ACP [7th]
November 20 2005

Discovery HOME Channel

"Inner Chef with Marcus Samuelsson" - "Investors"

by City Lights MediaMarcus Sammuelsson and Bill prepare a meal in the kitchen at 109 W 118th street for the investment group of UPTH #1 and Cameron and Vanessa Mathison
October 31 2005
The Martha Stewart Show - episode 1037 "Halloween Special"
 Martha asks Cameron Mathison about his move to Harlem, and he mentions Uptown Townhouse and how his family is celebrating Halloween in Harlem

February 5, 2006

NY Times - Real Estate Section

"Going Condo in Harlem"

By JOSH BARBANELJosh uses Bill as the guy that DOES NOT WANT to do condos in townhouses. A well placed comment by Jonathan Miller points to the long sustained value of single and two family townhouses compared to condo'd townhouses
March 2006

"Harlem Renaissance"

by: Katrin Zimmerman Bill and his three sons are the first featured in this pictorial shot of Harlem Interiors by Reto Guntli for Swiss Air
April 8th 2006

New York Post Real Estate Guide


By Katherine DykstraVanessa and Cameron Mathison are featured in the house at 130th street, and the project at 737 St. Nicholas is featured in a full column to the right of the article.
April, 2006

New York Living Magazine - cover article

"Family Living"

By Lauren PriceThree paragraphs where Bill describes the fun he and his kids have exploring Harlem.

The Real Deal

"Harlem Real Estate Professionals Discuss The Market"

By Melissa Dehncke-McGillArticle Addressing Harlem Real Estate in Summer of 06. Other interviewees are Gary Cannata, head of the Harlem office at Prudential Douglas Elliman; Klara Madlin, president of Klara Madlin Real Estate; Shimon Shkury, partner at Massey Knakal; Sandy Wilson, managing director of the Harlem office at the Corcoran Group; Michael Goldenberg, executive director of sales for West Side at Halstead Property; Christopher Halliburton, executive vice president at Warburg Realty Harlem; and Joseph Holland, president of Uptown Partners.
October 24, 2006


 quote from Business 2.0 article below on propertyshark.com
October 26 2006


Business 2.0 Magazine
"Cash in on Foreclosures"

Article where I am mentioning the benefits of Property Shark for referencing foreclosed properties.
February 2007


New York Living Magazine - cover story
"Celebrating Harlem"

By Steve Cutler
Article where Bill and Uptown Townhouse is mentioned. 737 St. Nicholas gets 2 photos in the article, one with Bill and a paint brush in his hand.

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